Boutique Helping Breast Cancer Survivors


Surviving breast cancer is one battle, but then what happens to a woman who's left feeling scared and incomplete. There's a place women can go to feel whole again.

"Emotionally, just losing a body part, my self image, was a compromise," said Diane Douglas.

Douglas is a breast cancer survivor. After her mastectomy, the one thing that helped her feel complete again was a breast prosthesis from All About Women's Health Boutique in Livonia.

"Coming to a boutique and having them measure properly and... making custom fit protheses, I feel as though my breasts are even and they look nice," Douglas said.

Diane now needs a new size, so she will donate her prosthesis to the boutique where, this month, they are giving them away to uninsured women.

"Our niche is the survivor, the one that has already gone through breast cancer. The one that has already gone through the surgery and may be left devastated by that and not understand what to do or how to do it or where to get a breast form or that there is even such a thing as a breast form. So, that's why we'd like to be able to do this for ever and ever," said Mariam Searcy, owner of the All About Women's Health Boutique.

A breast prosthesis can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but for Searcy, giving them to women who can't afford them is priceless.

"Once they put (it) on, you should see the smiles. I get hugs. I've made such wonderful friends. Women are just delighted to be able to get a breast prosthesis," Searcy said.

Make sure you call ahead to schedule your appointment time because they'll be giving out the free breast prostheses for as long as supplies last.

The All About Women's Health Boutique is located at 31209 Plymouth Road in Livonia. Their phone number is (734) 762-0081. You can also visit them online at .


On occasion, women experience challenging healthcare problems that require the attention of trained professionals. All About Women's Health Boutique provides this nurturing assistance in an atmosphere of comfort, taste and privacy.

The more intimate your situation, the more you will appreciate All About Women’s Health Boutique. Step inside and experience something created just for you.

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